Tuesday, January 4, 2011

That's my Girl!

Today, my bedroom floor looked like this:
And it wasn't because of me! With my love of sewing, I thought it would be fun to introduce some of that love to my girls. Sadie has had a bag of her own fabric scraps that I let her use for various projects, but I wanted to do more with her today. I gave her a box and also put pieces of ribbon and some of my extra buttons in it. She was soooo EXCITED!
Then I made these little guys that look like gingerbread men (at least that is what she first called them). She got to choose whether they were girls or boys and dress them however she wanted.
I have given my girls many opportunities to be creative, but sometimes I find it hard to keep up with them. Sadie loves crafting and I love letting her do whatever she wants. I may take a lot of pictures, but I don't disturb her. Her creations are hers alone. Can you see my little corner of the universe back there? I am so proud of it that I hope to take pictures of it soon.
I must say....I was pretty impressed with the thought she put into everything for only being 3 (well, soon to be 4).
She used a lot of buttons, but trust me.....I have A LOT! I can definitely spare a few :)
I got out her markers so that she could give them hair and whatever else she wanted.
She gave them names, and decided that Sadie and Kelsey needed to have rings on their fingers...I love them. And yes, I cut out the skirt. This was the only thing I did, because I was trying to show her what the little dolls were for.
I wasn't quite sure what the notebook was for, so I asked her. She was using it to decide their names.
And here are the finished little people:
The boy named "Daddy" is a musician with long black hair. This looks and sounds nothing like her own Daddy, but she insisted that his name was Daddy. ....strange little girl. haha
And after she finished everything else, she noticed that Kelsey and Sadie were half naked and put a long skirt and a shirt on these two. I love my girls and I love all the amazing things they can do. I'm so blessed to be a mom.

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Splendid Jewelry said...

love it! sadies little skirt is cute :)