Saturday, January 16, 2010

Just for Baby

Well, I went to a baby shower today for the absolutely adorable Josephine!!! I mean, her cheeks are HUGE and I love it. Whether the cheeks are in the front or the back..."I like 'em big....I like 'em chunky." That was a Madagascar quote (for those that think I'm losing it). Pumpkin LOVES watching movies.

Anyway, I took ONE picture of the outfit I made for her before I went to the shower. I just zoomed in differently a few times :) I know, I really need to velcro a camera to my forehead. Well, here it is:
I really wanted to personalize this for her. Hence the monogram, but I forgot that she already has a lot of hair...I should've made hair clips instead. :( The bow and the tulle are my favorite.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bears and Honey

I saw this fabric at a thrift store and HAD to have it. If I was smart enough to take a nice picture of the pattern, then I would have, but obviously I'm not, so......(wow! that was a pretty bad run-on sentence). There wasn't much of the fabric, but that is only a minor detail. YOU CAN'T STOP FATE!
Then my mom gave me an old velvet skirt she had and no longer wanted (there's fate again). I decided to make some skirts for the girls and used the velvet underneath and made a big bow out of it. I like it when embellishments are big....very big.
I had them wear it to church (of course I didn't take pictures---again), and found that I had to make a quick adjustment before leaving the house. See, I thought that I could accurately guess what Pumpkin's waist size was (she was asleep and I was getting quite a bit done). Long story short, I had to cut open the skirt, tightened the elastic, and did a little baste stitch to keep it closed. still turned out okay...phew! We were only an hour late for church. HAHA Just kidding....we were on time.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


One thing that we gave the girls for Christmas was their own CRAFT BOX! I highly recommend them, because they get to do whatever they want and truly be creative (without a hovering mother). This box is actually a fishing tackle box, which is something I learned from my mother long ago.
I used a lot of stuff that I had and never used, like pom-poms and various foam stickers. I also had a small container of beads and gems. There are also various crayons and markers that no longer have a home (or the other markers wore out) that I threw in the box. Some of the crayons are even from local restaraunts.
I bought a very big bag of foam stickers on clearance at Jo-Anns before Christmas. There are also plenty of craft supplies at your local dollar store (like pipe cleaners). Of course, what would a craft box be without paint and glue?!?!
I love this because she can just sit at the table and go crazy. Nothing was really expensive, and the whole point is to make a mess and have fun.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy Holidays!!!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year! Now it's time for me to get back on track!

But first, I had the GREATEST idea ever to make all of our tree decorations, and make them edible (can you sense the sarcasm??). I started the day after Thanksgiving and ended a few days before Christmas. It wouldnt have taken so long if I wasnt working on about a million other things!
I made the names of the girls and our last name. The rest of the gingerbread cookies, were snowflakes. I have always wanted to string popcorn around my tree, but it is NOT as easy as pictures and TV make it seem. I go to string one, and it would fall apart in my hand!! There was a HUGE mess! Although, I really enjoyed it and I think I want to make this a tradition every year. Especially now that I know how big of a project this is.
Then there was this great idea from Trey and Lucy! I got the towels at Target for $2.50. It was something easy and Christmasy to have Pumpkin wear. I like that it has a snowman, rather then Santa, so she can wear it throughout winter.
In the picture above, she is laying over a huge gap in between the chair and the coffee table. She can be a little odd sometimes...I have NO CLUE where she gets that from. wink-wink