Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Organization is key!

Well, I am managing to make another post for the day. Like I said, December has been pretty busy. So I decided to take a note from the amazing ladies at Sister Stuff and make a simple planner!
You take a regular notebook and cover it with scrapbook paper.
They even had the great idea of putting an envelope on the back of the front cover for receipts!!! I just used some extra scrap pieces and stuck a little piece to keep them from falling out. I LOVE IT!


Alright, there are no excuses here. My lack of posting has just been pure laziness! I've been doing quite a bit, but don't have the pictures to back up my story.

Well, the thing I've been doing the most: SAVING MONEY!! It's like an addiction!

I did, however, make my girls some bubble skirts to wear for church on Sunday, and I'm looking forward to posting pics of them. I still have pictures on my camera of other things I need to post...I just need to not be so lazy!

Anyway, I hope to make another post late tonight!!! Oh, yeah....MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

And the winner is....

Comment #15: Lisa!!
Congratulations, and I hope you have an
amazing Birthday!
Thanks to everyone that entered! I'll have to do this again sometime, but with something REALLY good (instead of a mini-giveaway).

Monday, November 16, 2009

Pudding's Hat for Christmas

**If you want to enter the giveaway...please scroll to next post**

Well, as most of you know. Almost everything I've been making recently is for Christmas. I figured, if I'm going to be making things for my girls, I might as well save it for Christmas (easy on my budget). Today, I made a hat for my little Pudding using this amazing tutorial from Disney! Here is my little sleeveless hoodie that I used:
The plus side of making stuff for Pudding, she's so little that she has no idea what I'm doing (or what Christmas is). So...I can try it on her and see how everything fits :) Here is how it turned out:

da-da, da, da, da....I'm lovin' it! (hmm...is it illegal to use that?)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

For My Kids: First ever mini-GIVEAWAY!

Well, I made some trendy ruffle scarves for gifts this year, and I had enough fabric for one more. So...I decided to have a little giveaway. I love the way ruffle scarves look, they can be gathered around your neck, or hang loose. They stretch, so...one size fits all.
What's with the flower, you ask?? It's a pin (cool, huh?). You can use it to hold your scarf in the style you want, or you can pin it to a shirt, jacket, purse...whatever. Give it to a little girl if you want. Both are part of the giveaway.**If you want to enter, just leave a comment. If you post annonymously because you dont have a google accout, just put your name at the bottom of your post.
**If you become a follower (or already are one), you can enter twice.
**I will randomly choose a winner on Friday.

If it's not your cup of tea, it makes a great Christmas gift for the young woman in your life. :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gettin' Creative

I let my little Pumpkin paint today!! She had so much fun this morning.
Pudding spent most of this time asleep, but when she wasn't, she was bein' silly...as usual.
While painting was taking place on the table, I was working on part of a Christmas present for them...special CRAYONS!! Lucky for me, my girls aren't hard to impress. I know it's not much, but it will all come together in the end.
I thought the stars would be best for Pudding, so she could grip them well. I've still got some more to make...looking forward to it.
Take some old crayons and break/cut them up into small pieces. Mix colors however you want! I put them in a shaped baking pan and melted them at 200 degrees for about 15 min. (I would just keep an eye on it...cuz I dont remember exactly how long...oops)

Here is our little art gallery!!
I'm lovin' her big pink circle!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Great Deals=Great Week!!

Our week begins at Walmart! There are always good deals at Walmart, but I wanted to checkout their Halloween stuff. I found these two princess sets there for 75% off, making them $1.25. These will be for the girls for Christmas as part of their dress up stuff. I got some Halloween pantyhose for next year for .85. There are plenty of Princess sets left if anyone wants any for...whatever. I also bought my girls matching Op dresses (in two colors) and an Op shirt for my oldest for next year. Each was $2. There were also two pjs left (one for each girl) at $1 each. Not the most amazing of my week, but very happy.
Next up, Walgreens. I LOVE, LOVE Walgreens!!! I'm a huge fan of register rewards, because I take them and use them each week...it's like I'm constantly getting stuff from there every week for free. Anyway, here's the scoop: Almay is having a B1G1F deal. It says you get the second at 50% off, but it rings up as free. You buy foundation (which is $9.99) and get $10 RR. Then you pick yourself up some eye shadow or mascara and get it for free! There's more!! That will give you $5 in RR! I already had RR to use up, so I got them for almost nothing, twice. Now, I have $30 in RR for the next 2 weeks.
Now we go to Target. I went there to buy Bounce, because I needed some and they were having a good deal for 240 ct. box. I decided to buy two boxes (I had two coupons also) and in turn, they gave me a $5 Target giftcard for my purchase (not ALL Targets do this). They were also having a sale on Glade Sense and Spray (that I really wanted for our guest bathroom) for $5.99. That is a great deal all by itself, but if you get the paper, then you probably got the $4 off coupon for it....making the whole starter kit $1.99!
Next up, Walmart...again. I went shopping two seperate days. I went to one of my favorite sites, Good or Free deals. They have this post for $1 off 2 Campbell's soups. People have been saying that they had trouble printing the coupon, but I didn't...I clicked on the right side of the screen to take me to the coupon when getting ready to print. So, I got two cans of Cream of Chicken and two cans of Cream of Mushroom soup for .08 each!! This awesome 5 pack of Tide-to-go was on clearance for $3!!! Again, if you have coupons, there was one for $1 off. I got the 5 pack for 2 bucks (I've always wanted to buy some, but think they are too expensive). The cake mix was .78 each. Not amazing, but good cuz I needed them. This trip, I spent $4.10!
Lastly, I hit up one of our dollar stores, Dollar General (if you have one). They have their Libby canned veggies 2/$1, but once again...if you get coupons, the coupon was $1 off 4 cans. Making it 4/$1!!! For me, this did not work on corn even though the coupon only says "for Libby's canned vegetables."

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Grayceful Dress for Shabby Apple Dresses

And yet another dress design for Shabby Apple Dresses. This one is the Grayceful Dress which has a little more elegance and great detail.
I wanted a dress with a little more "wow" (I'm obviously not good at expressing myself). I have the whimsical, the flirty/comfy for work and for play, and this time, I wanted the elegant. With a bright floral pattern, it can be worn anywhere that you want to look fabulous, but...if it were in black and white...it screams socialite dinner and formal outtings! I LOVE this dress!! I would love to see it with a deep cuff on the sleeves (which I should've added in my picture).

Kelsey Dress for Shabby Apple Dresses

Here is another dress design for Shabby Apple Dresses! It's the Kelsey Dress!

My inspiration for this was to have something a little more "walking through the garden" feel to it. I picture this dress in pale pink or peach. I wanted a dress with a great flow/swing to it. I imagine it with a sheer fabric on top for the ruffle, belt, and neckline. I made the neck a v-neck on this dress. I love the belted waist and accent flower for this dress. I think it will make it look almost whimsical (in the garden in my mind).

Monday, November 2, 2009

Sadie Dress for Shabby Apple Dresses

Here is my dress design for Shabby Apple Dresses...the Sadie Dress.

Fabric: breathable cotton knit/blend. Trendy floral pattern with solid color accents. Classy and Comfy

My inspiration for this dress comes from my girls and the struggle I have with finding a dress for my "lack of curves" :) I love the fabric that I chose for the tunics I designed for my girls (pic below). I wanted a dress that would be comfortable but very beautiful and flirty. I wanted something that I felt would flatter most, if not everyone's, body type. At the same time, I want to be able to feel comfortable carting around a toddler and infant (while still looking and feeling great). Finding a dress like that is a struggle for me, so that's why I came up with this.

Some features written on sketch (I didn't know how to enlarge it):
--sleeves just above elbow, flare out like a comfy tunic
--wide belt placed to define curves
--front detail with ruffles and buttons to create and show-off curves
--darkened areas of sketch are for solid color accents
--the neck is a boat/banana neck.

Happy Halloween!!

Okay, so it's a little late. But I've never made Halloween costumes before and I wanted to post them. I let Pumpkin choose what she wanted to be this year (which was "Red Riding Hood"). She also insisted that her sister be "Granny." The only thing unusual about this is that the only Red she knows is from the movie Hoodwinked.
Not exactly your traditional Red. So...here is how it turned out:
There weren't very many pictures of Pudding. Everytime we went out, whether for a Trunk or Treat or on Halloween night, she was already really sleepy.I'm pretty excited to make their costumes next year! Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

One Tutu...finished!

So...I took a long time to complete my tutu. I just got caught up in other things (not surprising). Besides, it's not for Halloween, it's for Christmas. She loves to dress up. Anyway, at least now it's done. I even made a little wand to go with it.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloween Bucket!

I found this cute little utility bucket at the dollar store. I thought it was too cute all by itself, but...it would make the perfect Halloween bucket since it was already black. Anyway, I used some scraps of felt, some seasonal ribbon, and some old Halloween fabric that I had. Here's how it turned out:

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day of Fun

Sometime last week, the girls and I had a busy day. I made some homemade playdough for Pumpkin to play with...

and then I took the girls out to the garden to pick some carrots that were due to come up. Pumpkin loves her some carrots and ranch!

Lovin Coupons

So I went to Albertsons the other day...coupons, weekley ad, and list in hand and had a wonderful time. I only wanted to buy the stuff that was a really good deal. The stuff that I ended up buying is normally quite expensive (at least to my tastes), but I got a lot for a little.
I heard the Warm Delights from Betty Crocker are really good, but I feel that they are too expensive for so little, but......I GOT THEM FOR FREE!!! Yes, they are doubling coupons until Tuesday and I had two 50 cent coupons. If I bought 6 participating items, you get $3 off. Well, I bought 20 participating items and had coupons for all of them. I also got Progresso broth for FREE!!

Anyway, I spent $14 and got this: (saving a little over $30!!!!!)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Twin Tunics

I wanted to take the time to tell eveyone THANK YOU for following my blog and for your comments. I'm not to familiar with blogging, but I hope to one day inspire tons of others just as they inspire me. I appreciate all of your comments. If you have never commented, I would love to hear from you! I truly appreciate the input and all the ideas you all give me.
Anyway, I've been getting bad about not posting very much crafty stuff. But...I was working on my greatest project yet. MY OWN PATTERN!! I've never done this before. I've always understood the concept, but I always thought it would be too difficult for me. Turns out...it's not difficult at all. I think anyone with a fair amount of sewing knowledge could do it.

I laid out my daughters' current clothes and copied sleeves and the body (including necklines) and adjusted wherever I wanted to. Here is how they turned out:

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A CORNY Weekend

Meet Lady, our wagon cow! :)
We went to our local corn maze this past weekend and had a BLAST! We stayed for a couple of hours and got really tired out. I forgot to take pics of the actual corn maze, but that may be because I was too busy trying to get out of it.
There are tons of things that the kids can do. They had this huge hill with differesent slides going down it. You slide down on an old sack. They are so much fun. For some reason, Pumpkin loved this water pump more than some of the other activities. Probably because it was really hot and she could play in the water.We also let her get her face painted this year. We weren't sure how she would do, but she was amazing the whole trip. We didn't have any problems at all. A lady even stopped us and told us that she looked cute getting her face painted with her little toddler legs standing there.
Here's her ladybug!! She was so proud when she saw it the mirror.
The corn maze gets better and better every year. The grass used to be sand and the hill with the slides is now covered in flowers. It's beautiful. Every year they alaways have these little pits where kids can play with corn seeds. It gets messy, but that's the whole purpose of going out and having fun like this.
Next year, Pudding can have just as much fun as her big sis. This year, she stayed well shaded with her hat and rode in a baby backpack the whole time. We didn't have any problems with her either. :)