Thursday, April 14, 2011

An Ode to Daddy

 Well, we still have a couple months until Father's Day, but if you are like may need some time to prepare.  Here are a couple ideas that I hope may inspire you if you don't have many ideas on what to do for "the old man" on his special day.  :)
 This outfit was made from my husband's old work shirt and work pants.  He really loves his job, and BY-GOLLY he is the best Electrician in the state....if I do say so myself.  There are actually many out there who would agree with me.  Love ya, honey!
 I definitely had to cut out the logo for her little shirt.  Why Beehive Technical Services, you ask?  Well, bees are the hardest workers!  So if your hubby has clothes that you have been meaning to donate, but there are just too many wonderful memories, then use them to make something for you little ones.  He will love to see them wearing his clothes!

 Next up is probably one of my favorite things that I have made my girls.  I saw these two shirts at Wal-Mart after Valentines Day last year.  They were clearanced out for $1.50 each.  I just loved the "I" and the "heart", but the last word on there is actually BEER.  Since we don't drink, it was pretty easy to just cut that word right out of there.
 So I turned it into I LOVE DADDY dresses! 
 The girl's wore them with black leggings to church and at home on several occasions, and I just loved them.  I'm really into making things for my kids that have something to do with their dad, if you can't tell.  Anyway, I kept the serged edge on the outside of the black and used white thread, because that was the look I wanted.  Of course there are so many other variations you can try.  And I gave the dresses a half sleeve too, because it was still a little chilly outside when I made these.
 No outfit would be complete in my house without pockets.  Whether for beads to stick up their nose (yes, that has happened) or huge rocks to swallow (again....this has happened), they need their pockets to stow away all their favorite things.
Finally, I have the first thing I ever made for my little man.  My husband had some church pants that didn't fit anymore, so I cut them up and made some pants for Blake!!  It was actually hubby's idea (I think I'm starting to rub off), and he was so proud to show off his boy that day.  :)
 Well, if you are like me, then all you need to do is see a few pictures in blogland to get the juices flowing toward a new project.  I hope these helped.  Happy Sewing!

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