Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Organization is key!

Well, I am managing to make another post for the day. Like I said, December has been pretty busy. So I decided to take a note from the amazing ladies at Sister Stuff and make a simple planner!
You take a regular notebook and cover it with scrapbook paper.
They even had the great idea of putting an envelope on the back of the front cover for receipts!!! I just used some extra scrap pieces and stuck a little piece to keep them from falling out. I LOVE IT!


camilynn said...


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Stacey Gray said...

I like this idea! I probably wouldn't do the whole scrapbook paper thingie-that's not really my thing, but I like the idea of putting an envelope in the front cover for receipts. I like the idea of a notebook too-right now all of my Christmas planning papers are scattered around the office/kitchen and I'm having a little trouble keeping track of everything. Thanks for the tip!

Aweir said...

That is a great idea...I always think I can keep track of that stuff in my brain, but it doesn't work! I always forget stuff.