Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy Valentines Day....ummmm, yeah.

Yes, I checked my calender this morning, but since my camera/blog was on the fritz, I couldn't post the outfits I made for the girls for the big day! So, now I'm playing catch-up to post a million old pics. Anyway, here they are:

All that work to post this and a pic is sideways. Unfortunately, I'm lazy :) The outfits are pretty heart-tastic, but they've worn it a few times since then. I was going to go out and buy fabric, but it kinda defeats the purpose of saving money.

I had to include the pics of my little Pudding crying, because it was so darn cute (poor girl).

We also made these little hair clips for the other little girls at gymnastics.


Jamee said...

so glad you shared-tooooo cute!

CT said...

Happy Valentines day too!!!! LOL! those are super cute!!!