Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Last minute accessories

Well, my girls already wore their Easter dresses to church last Sunday, but if your darlings are going to wear theirs this Sunday, there are some cheap accessories out there that you can spruce up.

I bought everything here at the Target dollar spot! Arent the gloves super cute?! Luckily, I bought them early, but my girls didn't even have their dresses yet. I had no idea what color they were even going to be since their Grandma likes to buy their Easter dresses.

I saw these same hats at our local Dollar Tree, along with some adorable basket purses (in different colors and styles) which I later bought, but didn't take a pic of. Anywhoo....the girls' matching dresses were pink and green (one of my favorite combos). So I took some ribbon...

FYI: if your outfits are pastel, Dollar Tree also sells many pastel colors for $1 a spool.


Tonya said...

I got my daughter's hat from dollar tree too! I was so excited to find them there that I bought 3 since I still don't have a dress for her so I didn't know what color to get. Love what you did with the ribbon! I am going to pick up a dress for my daugther tonight..nothing like waiting till the last minute.

Stacey Gray said...

I'm so sad that I didn't get to see the girls with all of their stuff on. Maybe you'll have to put them in their dresses again next week. Everything looks so cute-I love it!