Saturday, August 29, 2009

Men's Shirt=2 dresses

I bought this men's shirt at Goodwill for $2! Sorry, I wish I knew how to rotate it, but...I don't. I'll have to ask my very talented friend Tammy to help me with that. Anyway, after a little cutting and sewing:

My oldest was too busy playing to stop for a photo, but the straps on her dress cross in the back. My little chunker's dress was made with the sleeves of the shirt and turned into a smocked dress. I added some matching hair ties with what was left over.
I love sewing!


Leatherwood Family Adventures said...

Wow April,
You are extrememly Talented!! Even though you say that is me for me it would be a disaster...I will let you stick to sewing and I'll stick to cooking! Maybe some day I will blog about that...don't hold your breath!!:)

Sarah Payne said...

Do you use any kind of pattern? I noticed those dresses at church, and loved them! How thrifty and crafty! Thanks for sharing!

Yvonne said...

Wow what a talented woman you are! And cute pics too!

Alexis said...

I loved these dresses I thought they were store bought so cute


dana said...

Cute. Fun combo outfit!