Monday, August 31, 2009

Clutch for Kids

These are my first Christmas gifts of the season. They are little clutch purses made of placemats. I thought it would be fun to fill them with hair bows, and a cute little quiet activity for church (that's for another post). Anyway, I was going to do a huge tutorial about how to sew them, but for the most part it's self explanatory. However, Jessica from Happy Together has an amazing tutorial for them, here. So this tutorial is mainly on embellishing one and making it personalized.
These are the placemats I chose. I got them at Kmart. A lot of stores have placemats on clearance. These were on sale for $2.39!! The one I'm going to show you is for my niece in Texas.
Cut a long strip of coordinating fabric for the flowers. When you cut the strip it does not have to be perfect at all. Like mine!! You won't be able to tell. The larger the flower you want, the wider your strip needs to be. Mine is about 2". I also make the strip long just in case I want to do two flowers.

Fold the strip in half and stitch it closed.
Baste stitch by the seam and pull to make it all gather together, like a flower. Cut the excess fabric (save for another flower if you want).

Now you can just hand stitch it closed.
Then you end up with a little flower. Also like a yo-yo (if anyone knows that sewing term).
Then stitch it onto the clutch. And add a cute button in the middle. I made two flowers, because I didn't have bigger buttons so I made my flowers smaller. The bigger the flower, the bigger the button.
If you want to personalize it, then all you need is to cut out a letter in felt (cuz felt doesn't fray). This was the most time consuming part, because I chose to stitch it on. You can glue it and it will look just as cute.
And there you have it! All done and ready to go to church/school or...whatever. These are actually quite spacious and can be fill with school supplies or quiet things for church. My very talented sister-in-law uses these as baby shower gifts and puts diapers and a travel wipes case in them. They are great all around.

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