Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Grayceful Dress for Shabby Apple Dresses

And yet another dress design for Shabby Apple Dresses. This one is the Grayceful Dress which has a little more elegance and great detail.
I wanted a dress with a little more "wow" (I'm obviously not good at expressing myself). I have the whimsical, the flirty/comfy for work and for play, and this time, I wanted the elegant. With a bright floral pattern, it can be worn anywhere that you want to look fabulous, but...if it were in black and white...it screams socialite dinner and formal outtings! I LOVE this dress!! I would love to see it with a deep cuff on the sleeves (which I should've added in my picture).


JayShay said...

Can I just say your AWESOME! So glad I found your blog!
Shaina Adams

MOM said...

So when are you going to make one!!

Alexis said...

I love this site it is one of my favorites.Good luck with your designs their great

Eve said...

Ooh - very pretty!!