Friday, November 6, 2009

Great Deals=Great Week!!

Our week begins at Walmart! There are always good deals at Walmart, but I wanted to checkout their Halloween stuff. I found these two princess sets there for 75% off, making them $1.25. These will be for the girls for Christmas as part of their dress up stuff. I got some Halloween pantyhose for next year for .85. There are plenty of Princess sets left if anyone wants any for...whatever. I also bought my girls matching Op dresses (in two colors) and an Op shirt for my oldest for next year. Each was $2. There were also two pjs left (one for each girl) at $1 each. Not the most amazing of my week, but very happy.
Next up, Walgreens. I LOVE, LOVE Walgreens!!! I'm a huge fan of register rewards, because I take them and use them each's like I'm constantly getting stuff from there every week for free. Anyway, here's the scoop: Almay is having a B1G1F deal. It says you get the second at 50% off, but it rings up as free. You buy foundation (which is $9.99) and get $10 RR. Then you pick yourself up some eye shadow or mascara and get it for free! There's more!! That will give you $5 in RR! I already had RR to use up, so I got them for almost nothing, twice. Now, I have $30 in RR for the next 2 weeks.
Now we go to Target. I went there to buy Bounce, because I needed some and they were having a good deal for 240 ct. box. I decided to buy two boxes (I had two coupons also) and in turn, they gave me a $5 Target giftcard for my purchase (not ALL Targets do this). They were also having a sale on Glade Sense and Spray (that I really wanted for our guest bathroom) for $5.99. That is a great deal all by itself, but if you get the paper, then you probably got the $4 off coupon for it....making the whole starter kit $1.99!
Next up, Walmart...again. I went shopping two seperate days. I went to one of my favorite sites, Good or Free deals. They have this post for $1 off 2 Campbell's soups. People have been saying that they had trouble printing the coupon, but I didn't...I clicked on the right side of the screen to take me to the coupon when getting ready to print. So, I got two cans of Cream of Chicken and two cans of Cream of Mushroom soup for .08 each!! This awesome 5 pack of Tide-to-go was on clearance for $3!!! Again, if you have coupons, there was one for $1 off. I got the 5 pack for 2 bucks (I've always wanted to buy some, but think they are too expensive). The cake mix was .78 each. Not amazing, but good cuz I needed them. This trip, I spent $4.10!
Lastly, I hit up one of our dollar stores, Dollar General (if you have one). They have their Libby canned veggies 2/$1, but once again...if you get coupons, the coupon was $1 off 4 cans. Making it 4/$1!!! For me, this did not work on corn even though the coupon only says "for Libby's canned vegetables."


Callipygian said...

I feel satisfaction just from seeing all your good deals, and I didn't even do the shopping.

Melissa said...

I forgot to check the dresses for Hailey when I went to walmart so I had to go back! Luckily they still had some! I was actually eye balling these dresses in the summer so I'm super excited!

becca said...

Wow, wow, wow. Great job! I wish I had time to run to all the stores and get all these great deals.

Stacey Gray said...

I need to go shopping with you sometime so you can show me your mad skills. Wow, that's insane. Good for you!

Eve said...

I've just got to learn how all these coupons and store specials work. I spend a fortune in groceries... and that's just on the basics!