Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bears and Honey

I saw this fabric at a thrift store and HAD to have it. If I was smart enough to take a nice picture of the pattern, then I would have, but obviously I'm not, so......(wow! that was a pretty bad run-on sentence). There wasn't much of the fabric, but that is only a minor detail. YOU CAN'T STOP FATE!
Then my mom gave me an old velvet skirt she had and no longer wanted (there's fate again). I decided to make some skirts for the girls and used the velvet underneath and made a big bow out of it. I like it when embellishments are big....very big.
I had them wear it to church (of course I didn't take pictures---again), and found that I had to make a quick adjustment before leaving the house. See, I thought that I could accurately guess what Pumpkin's waist size was (she was asleep and I was getting quite a bit done). Long story short, I had to cut open the skirt, tightened the elastic, and did a little baste stitch to keep it closed. But...it still turned out okay...phew! We were only an hour late for church. HAHA Just kidding....we were on time.


Melissa said...

so cute!! You are so awesome at that!!

Stacey Gray said...

When I saw the girls on Sunday I knew that you had to be behind their matching skirts. Way to go-they looked so cute!

Aweir said...

They were adorable on Sunday! Good job!