Wednesday, January 6, 2010


One thing that we gave the girls for Christmas was their own CRAFT BOX! I highly recommend them, because they get to do whatever they want and truly be creative (without a hovering mother). This box is actually a fishing tackle box, which is something I learned from my mother long ago.
I used a lot of stuff that I had and never used, like pom-poms and various foam stickers. I also had a small container of beads and gems. There are also various crayons and markers that no longer have a home (or the other markers wore out) that I threw in the box. Some of the crayons are even from local restaraunts.
I bought a very big bag of foam stickers on clearance at Jo-Anns before Christmas. There are also plenty of craft supplies at your local dollar store (like pipe cleaners). Of course, what would a craft box be without paint and glue?!?!
I love this because she can just sit at the table and go crazy. Nothing was really expensive, and the whole point is to make a mess and have fun.


Aweir said...

I love the idea! Good job, April! I like that they can and are able to use each thing. I think too many crafts require that someone "do it" for them! Thanks for the idea!

themom said...

Very good Idea!!! This would make a good Bday gift for children also!!! you are so smart!!!

Stacey Gray said...

I didn't get a chance to make this for Christmas this year like I had planned. Yours looks really nice and maybe someday I'll get around to doing one too!

becca said...

Wow, that's a great idea!