Monday, September 21, 2009

Game Day

We dressed up our little Pudding for the big season opener on Sunday. She was even sporting some Nike hand-me-downs from her sister that their Grandma got them. The game was a little disappointing, but it was neat to see the Cowboys new field. Hubby wishes he could watch the game from inside the scoreboard. Pumpkin was watching the game with her daddy when she started getting upset with the TV saying, "stop need to share." It was fun.
As for this pic...don't ask. She was taking an afternoon nap and I thought that I should go check on her. I have no idea how she managed to pull back her fitted sheet and maneuver herself underneath it. I wish I was in the room to see her do it. Although, because she was under her sheet I was constantly checking on her throughout the rest of her nap.


Aweir said...

Super cute...even if it is the Cowboys!! :) Still love it. Glad you got photos of the crib incident!!

Stacey Gray said...

How cute! I would never have the guts to take a picture of my kids while they were sleeping-no way am I going to every risk them waking up. I really value that time.