Tuesday, September 15, 2009

On a Side Note!

Well, taking a break from the longer project, I decided to do something really fast and easy! I don't usually buy socks at thrift stores. I'm a HUGE thrift store fan, but I like to buy my socks new. These however, are not for me. I got cute tall socks for women and girls to make cute leg warmers for my Pumpkin! You just chop 'em off and hem or serge the end. Done, and done!

I can't wait for her to wear them with skirts this winter. I LOVE the funky colors and stripes. You can put some tights on underneath for added warmth. For some reason, little girls in leg warmers makes me think of Salt Lake City. This is a must try. I was going to do it for Christmas, but I needed to make sure they fit her. Oh, well...next time.


Aweir said...


mary beth said...

I saw your post on wardrobe refashion. This is such a great idea! Thanks for ending my desire to buy baby legs. ;)

Slee said...

baby leggings are love! thanks for posting this!