Tuesday, September 29, 2009

No-Sew Tutus

Well, tutorials for "no-sew tutus" are all over blogland. Just about everyone has one. But...if you are one of the two people that come to my blog (ha ha) you can find one here. This is a pic of all of my "stuff". Savers sells brand new and super cute wings for $2.99. Now that I have 2 girls, I buy and make 2 of almost everything. It might not matter now, because a 6 mo. old doesn't have much say, but......she will. These are great for an easy costume for Halloween, but mine are actually a Christmas gift for my girls, because Pumpkin LOVES to dress up.
Anyway, measure how much elastic you need for your child's waist. I sewed the elastic ends together twice (in pink so you can see) because Pumpkin is pretty ruff sometimes. I would use elastic that's about 1/4" thick. If you don't have it, and you have something else....use it. I really don't think it matter, because the elastic will curl and twist while you're doing it anyway (as you will see).
As for your tulle, I cut it into strips that were about 10" x 24". If you buy your tulle by the yard rather than on a spool, just cut 10" strips down it, and on the fold of the yardage, cut (like in pic).

Here is how you attach it to the elastic. I used a piece of fabric to better illustrate. You fold your tulle in have, making a loop on one side of the elastic. Take the ends and wrap it around the elastic and pull it through the loop. Just like a tassle on a bookmark.

Do this all around your elastic. Make it as full as you want. You can add litte embellishments also. I put ribbon on mine. But wait....that's not all I'm going to do with it. (I just didn't finish it yet)

***Special THANK YOU to my good friend Melissa for getting me stuck on Good or Free Deals (click button for link, I'm lazy)...she is so awesome! Love ya, Melissa!!***


Aweir said...

I stinkin love it. Sydney's will have little bells I think. (tied to the ribbon. She needs to wake up so we can go!!!!!!!!

Melissa Robin said...

Wow, that turn out so cute! I'm really excited to start mine! I haven't really decided what embelishments I'm going to use yet. I'll have to go look around hobby lobby. I love good or free deals too. Glad it's worked out for you. Luv ya too!

Sarah Payne said...

I am so glad that you had this, because Shanna is going to be a fairy princess for Halloween. Too cute!

Chris said...

What a cute idea. My older daughter still LOVES to dress up almost daily, and baby will be ready in no time for a fun thing like this!