Thursday, September 17, 2009

Couponing 101

Here are a couple tips:

1. Many of you know, but for those of you that don' can double up on coupons. You can use a store coupon (Target or Walgreens, etc.) and you can use a manufacturers coupon with it also.

2. I find it HIGHLY worth it to invest in the Sunday paper. If you don't want to subscribe, you can pick up the Sunday paper on Monday for half price. At least this is true for where I live. TIP: make sure it has the ads in it (people take them sometimes, and get there ASAP...many people pick them up on Mondays)

3. Check the ads for when they are double, triple, and quadrupling coupons. Albertsons does this about once every 6-8 weeks.

4. Head over to Walgreens and pick up their monthly coupon book by their ads at the front door. Remeber, you can combine these with manufacturer coupons.

5. Walgreens also offers "Register Rewards". In their ad, after buying certain items, a coupon will print out after you check-out. This is how much money you will have taken off of your next purchase. CON: there is an experation date (I believe you have to use it within a week or two). However, if you plan on getting their great deals every week, this is awesome.
Example: True North Nut Clusters this week are $3
You get $3 in register rewards (printed after purchase)
In the end, it's like you bought them for FREE...your next purchase, is when you can use your $3 off coupon (on anything)
6. Target actually offers quite a few coupons, and they can have really good sales. I like to get my Target coupons, here.
7. Don't forget to try and buy it on sale. Using a coupon will make it double cheap. There are many places online to print coupons. Most of them have exactly the same amount of coupons. CON: Some sites only let you print out one coupon per page and they put a huge ad on the rest of the page (uses up a LOT of ink). PRO: if there is something specific you need...just find it, and print it.
TIP: this week is a great week to buy Claritin. Paper had a $6 off coupon for this week only and Walgreens has a coupon in their ad for $4 off. Making it $10 off.


becca said...

Wonderful! I use coupons as well but I didn't know that about Walgreens. Thanks!

Enchantresses Three said...

Just wanted to let you know that I looooooove your little blog and think you are amazing!! You are so talented and full of wonderful ideas!!! Keep them coming!